NightBlazr – Innovative cycle helmet light

If you want to be visible when cycling at night, don’t leave home without NightBlazr. Designed to be non-dazzle but provides adequate illumination for safe cycling without blinding other road users. Light up your life!

A huge leap in cycle safety

Perfect for winter commutes, early morning or post training sessions. USB rechargeable battery lasting 12+ hours. Simple and intuitive to use. Light up your life!


Designed for durability

Weatherproof, bright and stylish. Using innovative electroluminescent light blades. With NightBlazr, you’re seen and safer in low light conditions. Light up your life!


360º. Be seen from all angles

Nothing compares to NightBlazr. Easily fits on your existing cycle helmet. Boosts confidence and makes cyclists more visible to motorists and pedestrians. Light up your life!


Be seen. Feel safe. Be active.

The daily cycle can be a treacherous experience especially in built up congested cities and particularly in low light and night time conditions. NightBlazr with unique electroluminescent light blades you will always be seen and feel safe. Giving you the ability to keep active in the darker months. Light up your life with NightBlazr!

Easy fit

Simply attach to an existing helmet, turn it on, and the electroluminescent light blades stay brightly lit for many hours. Easily rechargeable by using a USB connection.

See the light

With the launch of NightBlazr, the world has a new standard in active lighting. Two electroluminescent blades attach to your existing cycle helmet. And deliver 360° visibility. Whether seen from straight on or from the side. Also with the added height you should always be seen.

Don't just take our word for it.

* * * * *

"Very pleased with NightBlazr - light is bright and gives me more confidence when cycling to and from work as I can be seen better by cars from all angles. Was easy to fit to my helmet and I only need to recharge it once a week."

* * * * *

“Purchased NightBlazr a week or so ago and have used it everyday on my commute to work since. Would now be lost without it! Motorists more aware of me particularly at junctions and roundabouts feeling a lot safer.” 

* * * * *

“Got this to get to and from uni. Mainly use cycle lanes but since wearing NightBlazr feel people are more aware I’m around. Would recommend ” 🌙🚴🏻‍♀️💡

* * * * *

“Not being the most confident of cyclists when in busy traffic, this has helped me feel more visible to vehicles, particularly when I commute to and from work. Would love something similar for when I am out running!”

* * * * *

"Well happy with mine i was a bit sceptical because i have brought things off Facebook before and got scammed but this is a game changer it's awesome and very bright too – well worth the cash great product what more can i say you have made my day. Thank you."

Product features

Easy fit

Easily attaches to your existing
cycle helmet.

360º visibility

Unique 360º visibility, be seen
from all angles.

Light blades

The electroluminescent light blades stay brightly lit for many hours.


Completely weatherproof.

Run time & charging

Powerful battery life, lasts over 12 hours. Takes 100 minutes to charge from flat to full.

Power up

Know where you are with both battery and charging indicator.

Back view of NightBlazr attached to cycle helmet turned on, showing red and white electroluminescent light blades


Watch NightBlazr in action.

  • Ride with confidence

    It not only provides a unique 360º lighting system for greater visibility, but also boosts confidence and makes cyclists more visible to motorists and pedestrians.

  • Sleek design

    Neatly wraps around your cycle helmet. Switch on and the electroluminescent light blades stay brightly lit for many hours. Easily recharged using a USB connection.

  • Simple to fit

    Attaches through your cycle helmets vent holes front and back.

Fits in seconds

Simply attach to you existing cycle helmet. Use the reusable straps supplied and feed through your helmets vent holes front and back.