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NightBlazr illuminated on helmet and with packaging

Join the light revolution

Our solution at a glance:

• Nightblazr ‘Cycle’ provides 360º visibility
• Easily attaches to an existing cycle helmet
• USB rechargeable, energy efficient electroluminescent technology
• Three products in the NightBlazr range (Cycle, Run, Active)

NightBlazr helmet light is unique. There’s nothing else like it in the market, and we’re looking for people to share our vision of active night time visibility. NightBlazr ‘Cycle’ will be an absolute game-changer for cyclists – whether cycling at night or negotiating unlit rural or urban roads in low light conditions. It not only provides a unique 360º lighting system for greater visibility, but also boosts confidence and makes cyclists more visible to motorists and pedestrians. Simply attach to an existing helmet, switch it on, and the electroluminescent light blades stay brightly lit for many hours. Easily recharged using a USB connection. The cycle light is the first of three products in the NightBlazr range, which also includes a running vest and a backpack cover.